Pete Denny, the owner of GCI Turf Services, never imagined that his lawn care business would grow into fertilizer, pest control and property maintenance. Through his years of experience, he discovered that the key to success was a simple and straightforward approach that cuts through all the nonsense.

The best grass seed mix is key to high-quality turf. It should be able tolerate heat and cold, be strong and grow well, and be weed-free. It must also easily accessible and be affordable.

Peter decided to change his lawn seed for a better product and chose GCI’s Turf Type Tall Fasci (TTTF). It contains three tall species of tall fescue: Blacktail, Falcon 3 and Thor. NTEP trials have proven that TTTF is a good performer. This product is great to oversee new turf or repair bare spots in existing turf.

GCI Turf Services is known for its beautiful lawns. The company specializes in all things green including but not limited to turf care, fertilizer, and weed control. The best thing is that you can trust a friendly and knowledgeable staff in keeping your turf happy. Since 2004, we have been serving Greensboro, NC and the surrounding areas as a family-owned and operated business. GCI’s staff is highly skilled and will gladly discuss your turf needs in detail with you

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