How to Use Concrete Leveling to Repair Uneven Concrete

Concrete leveling consists of restoring a concrete slab that is uneven to its original position. It is less expensive and more invasive than a complete replacement, which involves removing the old slab and pouring a new one.

Uneven slabs create a trip risk and make it easy for people to slip, resulting in injuries and costly legal bills. A professional concrete leveling company will raise your sunken or sloping driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck to a uniform, safe height. This will create an attractive, functional outdoor living area.

A-1’s Limestone Slurry Grate Slurry Leveling

A-1’s patented slurry of limestone grout is an ideal solution for leveling or stabilizing sunken concrete slabs. The slurry, made of crushed agricultural lime and water fills voids in concrete and stabilizes its soil below. It lifts sunken slabs to the level of the rest.

Helitech’s PolyLock(r) ™

Helitech’s polyurethane injection is an effective and practical alternative to traditional mudjacking. It requires less holes to be drilled which reduces the cleanup time and minimizes soil damage. The foam expands after the slurry, filling the holes beneath the slab.

The repaired concrete is stronger and more durable than the original, so it will last for longer. It’s also easier to maintain and won’t wash out when it rains. Your driveway, walkway, or patio will remain in great condition for years.

Self-Leveling Mixtures

A water-based self-leveling concrete is a powdered mixture of concrete that you can mix up and apply to your floor. These products may be used to level a floor, patio, porch or other concrete surfaces indoors or out. To prepare this product, add water to the bucket and mix the mixture with a mixing paddle.

Once mixed, you can spread the compound across the floor using a trowel, gauge rake or squeegee. This ensures that the mixture is spread evenly, and that it flows smoothly over the surface of your floor to level the concrete.

After the compound has been spread, wait for it to dry for a few hours. After the compound has dried out, it should appear as a shiny, smooth surface.

The concrete contractor that performs the leveling works should be licensed and insured in your area. The concrete contractor should also provide you with a detailed and comprehensive estimate that breaks out all the factors in the project.

What are the most popular concrete leveling methods?

The most popular Concrete Leveling Contractors Parma options include mud jacking and polyurethane foam. Mud Jacking uses a cement-based slurry to level and lift sunken concrete. Polyurethane Foam uses a synthetic-proof product to raise and level the concrete.

Both mud jacking and polyurethane leveling are effective, but each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Mudjacking has a higher cost and can be done only temporarily. However, foam leveling provides long-lasting results that are environmentally friendly. The polyurethane doesn’t weigh the soil, and it can be injected into the ground without causing any damage.

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