Variable Speed Tote Mixers For IBCs

Mixers to Transport and Store Totes

IBC tote mixers (also known as intermediate bulk containers) are the ideal way to handle, transport and mix liquid chemicals, paints, coatings and other hazardous materials. Mixers for IBC Totes reduce material transfers and cleanup time. They are also cost-effective, reliable and safe to use. White Mountain Process helps you determine the best mixer size, type and style for your application.

We offer a wide range of industrial mixing products, from simple air tote IBC mixers to more advanced agitators for IBCs. Our IBC mixers can be used manually, with power or air and have a variety mixing shaft speeds. We offer a wide range of tote mixers that can handle fluids with low to high levels of viscosity, including paints, varnishes and oils. Our BT Series is our most affordable model and features a 1 HP motor that plugs directly into standard outlets. The mixer is made of stainless steel wetted components for durability, and includes a bracket that attaches on top of an IBC.

Our Xtreme Duty IBC mixers are designed to handle high viscosities in IBC tanks. This powerful IBC mixer features a collapsible turbine that fits through the 6″ center cap of an IBC tote. It can quickly enter or withdraw from any 275 gallon tote and delivers superior agitation thanks to an incredibly strong engine.

The pulsair IBC Tote Mixer is the fastest, most efficient and easiest way to mix and agitate IBCs. This unique process works by sequentially injecting bursts of compressed air/gas into the IBC tank through a stainless steel mixing probe mounted on the tote lid bung hole. The air pulses create large flat air bubbles, which rapidly mix and stir liquids. The  Low and High Speed Tote Mixing device also helps to eliminate dust and particulates from the container.

Choosing the right mixer for your IBCs starts with knowing what type of liquid you’re working with, its viscosity and solids %. Our mixing specialists can help you make the best decision on construction, tote agitator size and style and more. From there, our team can deliver a turnkey IBC mixing system delivered to your front door. We are experts at supplying high-quality tote mixers. We can outfit your business with IBCs as well as sanitary pump, drum rollers and washdown sprayers. We can help you save money, time and labor by providing a complete solution to your IBC mixing requirements.

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